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Physical Fitness Excellence

Welcome to the APFT Mentoring site! This site is designed to help soldiers in the Army and Air National Guard and Reserves, enlisted and non-commissioned officers improve their performance on the Army Physical Fitness Test. As the name suggests, the main focus of this program is mentorship and accountability. The site provides the option for a flexible mentorship structure; from a basic one-to-one mentoring to squad, platoon or even company/battalion wide mentoring. It is up to each unit to set up their mentoring structure as they see fit according to unit needs and goals.

How It Works

Every user has his/her own training tracker and APFT tracker. At this time workout sessions can only be entered for the day of the workout; if a user does not log his/her workout by 12AM that day is closed and he/she cannot add it at a later time. The site also provides an invite tool used to add soldiers under your mentorship. For example, you make an account and log in, register your company and start inviting soldiers. The soldiers you invite are going to be under your mentorship and accountable, in the company you created. It can also be used by individual soldiers to track their own progress but they will miss the benefit of having a mentor.

Mentors can see the training habits(the personal workout log) and APFT log for all the soldiers they invite under their mentorship and all the soldiers they invite.
Sample scenario:
-1st sergeant creates an account and registers a company
-he/she invites every platoon sergeant in the company
-platoon sergeants invite squad leaders
-squad leaders invite team leaders
-team leaders invite all the soldiers in their squad or just the ones who fail the APFT


This site is not a finished product. It is constantly updated and upgraded with new features as requested by the soldiers who use it and their units. Below is a list features, both currently available and under development.

Current features:

  • Personal training diary
  • APFT diary (self-administered as requested by mentor or record/diagnostic)
  • Group registration (currently allows creating mentoring groups as small as 1-on-1 or company-wide with 1SG as top mentor)
  • E-mail invitations - any user can send invitations to the site (the user will then become a mentor upon the new user's registration)
  • Mentorship views - a tree structure view of both mentors and mentees
  • Contact form - send in your opinions, requests, comments

Under development:

  • Account management - capability to change personal information
  • Message of the day - daily focus/guidance for mentees
  • Email feature - to facilitate communication between mentor and mentee directly from the site
  • Fitness Links - will update upon mentors recommendations
  • Company/group wide structure views
  • Single soldier view - to include training and APFT entries
  • Progress/activity graph - side-to-side graphic representation of both training habits and APFT progress
  • Invite mentor - the option to request mentorship from an existing user or e-mail invite a new user to the site
  • E-mail training log - send an e-mail with your progress to your mentor or an external address

Future development:

  • Eating/Food diary - an integral part of a soldier's wellness


APFT tracking sample:

Training tracking sample:


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